Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Food Storage Challenge

I read about this challenge yesterday on a blog. I overspent at Christmas so I am trying to get our financial house back in order. The basics of this challenge are to eat out of your food storage, limit money spent of groceries and use up food that has been sitting around for 1 month.

I decided to use my blog as a way to track how we are doing and to actually commit to "rules."

The "rules" I decided on are:

1. Eat out of our food storage -- this includes using the sweet potatoes/potates from our garden that are going to go bad soon.

2. Spend only $100 on groceries - this is a cut of $200, but will include milk, fresh item. This may be a problem since we do use a gallon of milk a day, but we will try. This will not include our veggie co-op, which is $16.50 every two weeks.

We will finish this on 1/31/10. So here is how we are doing so far.

Breakfast: Fruit left over from a party yesterday and cereal
Lunch: Corn dogs from freezer
Dinner: Sweet potato burritos - I also made 8 more for the freezer for Nate's lunch

Spent $10.50 on 2 gallons of milk and fish sticks for lunch at Sam's

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Dave and Natalie said...

I'm doing the same thing (overspent too...oops) I was going to limit it to $50/week for groceries...not sure how that will go. I'm a horrible budgeter and can honestly say I have no idea how much I spend on stuff. Dave Ramsey would be so disappointed in me.

If you get sick of sweet potatoes...we've got lots of winter squash (sweet meat and banana) that I could trade you :)