Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day #3 and #4

Things are moving along, but I am having a hard time not hitting the case lot sales this week. I think I am also going thru withdrawls. I feel like I need to spend money just to get out of the house. Hopefully, like a drug addict I can get over the initial shock and keep going.

Day #3- Wed
Breakfast: oatmeal and cereal
Lunch: Fishsticks and leftovers for me
Dinner: BBQ chicken, BBQ beans, sweet potato fries and brussel sprouts (from the co-op)

No money spent for a total of 3 days this week
Grand total money spent $10.50

Day #4-Thurs
Breakfast: Cereal
Lunch: Smoothies
Dinner: Sausage Rice casserole for big people and a mixture of other stuff for the smalls.

I did break down and went out. I mainly just wandered aimlessly. I did spend $2.87 on clearance chocolate for potty prizes (and for me in a pinch.)

Grand total spent $13.37

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Jones Town said...

Good job Delaney! I've been shopping everyday this week. But- we seriously let our food storage dwindle this fall. So I've been mainly buying on-sale items to beef our food storage up. We did have a food storage dinner the other night. We had ham and bean soup. My mom gave me a ham bone at Christmas and I just froze it until now. The soup was awesome. Looking forward to what you will do next!