Monday, November 24, 2008

Starting A Little Late

Evidently, I missed the bandwagon of blogging, so I once again am starting late. I thought that since it is almost Thanksgiving, I would post my Halloween pictures. Elias was a cowboy, but with a twist. He had to wear an old yellow Dick Tracey hat in place of the cowboy hat. He didn't want to be a normal cowboy. Maisey and McKay, the 20 month old twins were THING 1 and THING 2 from CAT in The HAT. We even spray painted their hair blue. They rode around the the wagon and caught on real quick. Get out- go to door - get candy- get back in - walk -repeat. After a while they just had a dazed look on their face and didn't care. Everybody knows the candy wasn't really for them, it was for us. I am sad because it just ran out. I'll have to wait for Christmas to steal more of their candy.

As always, our life is insane. We spend all our days breaking up fights, telling the kids to turn off the TV or explaining to Elias why he can't have everything just because he "wants it."

I even went to get a 10 minute massage today. The therapist said that my neck muscles were extremely tense. I wonder why? It could be that McKay came up to me the other day holding out his hand, so I thought he had hurt it, so I grabbed it. No, he had stuck his hand down his dirty diaper and was trying to get the poo off. Everyday something just as exciting as this happens. Did I mention if anyone ever wants to babysit, feel free to call.

I know this sounds pretty negative, but really we love our lives most of the time. The kids keep us laughing hysterically. Where can you find such a funny sight as the picture of Elias in his inside out backward g-string Elmo underwear? ( I wanted to put the picture below, but somehow I can only get it at the top) We waited a long time for these kids, so hopefully we appreciate them more at least some of the time. But just in case, you ever want to get a hold of me and can't, check the mental institution first because that where I checked myself into.

They really are great kids that give us more love than we can imagine, but we will take anyone up on free babysitting if it's ever offered.