Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Morning

It's official, we made it through Christmas with no major accidents. We had a great time, ate too much food and got too much stuff. Elias keeps telling us we should give our old toys away. I need to listen to him and not think of how much money the toys cost us so we can't just give them away.

On the 23rd, we had our annual Nalder party with a guest appearance by Santa himself. Elias was amazed that Santa already knew that he wanted a Mr Potatohead. McKay went right up to him, but kept looking at him like Santa was crazy. Maisey was last and had been crying ever since he came in. When I set her on his lap, she jumped off like a scared cat while screaming "Mommy, Mommy." I'm sure that she is now tramatized for life and will never see a Santa without crying, but what would Christmas with out that.

Christmas morning was so fun. I think it's much more fun with kids and seeing their amazement that Santa brought them toys for no real reason. Elias is just beginning to figure it out. I am going to miss being able to threaten to call Santa if he's not good. Anyway, as soon as they looked at their toys, they were trying to take someone else's toys and so the fighting began. It still hasn't really stopped yet. They may play together for a minute, but then World War III breaks out. I find this amazing since we now have doubled our toy count. Why must everyone want the same toy at the same time. After they found the gifts from Santa, it was time to open presents. McKay especially could care less. He was too busy playing with the old toys. Nate and I ended up opening a lot of the presents ourselves. Can you say too many presents? It was still so much fun and I can't wait to do it again next year.

Below is a list of the best/worst toys of Christmas 2008. It is more for my future benefit than yours. The favorite toys seem to be:

Cars Scooter
Grocery cart with plastic food that we all have to pretend eat
Toy garage
Toy car and tractors
Pink Cowboy Boots -For Maisey, which she absolutely loves
Lightning McQueen Remote Control Car

Things they could care less about:

Matching frog backpacks
Fireman jackets
Kid sized bread pans

Monday, December 15, 2008

Random Thoughts with Really Cute Pictures

I just downloaded some pictures onto my computer and thought they were so cute that they needed to be on the blog.

Isn't this the cutest little girl. She just looks so peaceful. I also love it because she is asleep and quiet.

This is a picture of Elias in our giant pile of leaves. Isn't he the picture of happiness. I sometimes wish I was this carefree.

This is a picture of the kids playing on our bed. They love to play hide under the covers over and over. It least they are all happy and playing together.

They really are friends. People ask me all the time if this stage of life is easier than when they were little babies. I think that it is way more fun, but also more difficult. They now have opinions and have tantrums when they don't get what they want.

When I looked at these pictures I think that they know Santa is coming soon and are on their best behavior. They are so cute and innocent. It also could be that in the heat of a tantrum or fight I don't have time to find a camera. Sorry for the bragging, but I couldn't help it.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Park City Adventure

Well, we finally did it. We took all 3 kids for an overnight stay at a condo in Park City. Normally, we would not do this because we can't leave the kids overnight, but the allure of a free condo and $50 convinced us. All we had to do was go on a short tour. Elias could go to the kids club and the twins could come with us and would be fine. Elias loved the club. The twins didn't love it so much but saved us from having to hear too much how a condo would be great for us and we could leave it to them when we die. I think the salesperson was actually scared of the condo being ruined if we actually stayed for a week, so he didn't push too hard. It also could have been that Maisey had a stinky diaper and he couldn't take it anymore.

Anyway, we made it out with our life savings still intact and our $50. We were now 2nd class citizens because we didn't buy, but we still had a great time. We stayed in a very small one bedroom condo with lots of doors that were slammed many, many times while we were there. We swam in the pool and jumped on the bed with no accidents. We may even be up to actually going on a vacation now.

After we checked out, we went geocaching which is one of our favorite activities. Check it out at
It is like a treasure hunt for everyone in the whole family.

We then headed for home with tired kids and a new sense of appreciation for our own home where we can be as loud as we want without neighbors 2 feet away.

Like everyone else, we are getting excited for Christmas, but still don't have a tree up. We are not sure what to do because it would only be minutes before the twins pulled on their heads. If anyone has suggestions, please let us know. We may have to only have the Fisher Price nativity set as our only decoration this year and our standard Santa on the chimney.

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Starting A Little Late

Evidently, I missed the bandwagon of blogging, so I once again am starting late. I thought that since it is almost Thanksgiving, I would post my Halloween pictures. Elias was a cowboy, but with a twist. He had to wear an old yellow Dick Tracey hat in place of the cowboy hat. He didn't want to be a normal cowboy. Maisey and McKay, the 20 month old twins were THING 1 and THING 2 from CAT in The HAT. We even spray painted their hair blue. They rode around the the wagon and caught on real quick. Get out- go to door - get candy- get back in - walk -repeat. After a while they just had a dazed look on their face and didn't care. Everybody knows the candy wasn't really for them, it was for us. I am sad because it just ran out. I'll have to wait for Christmas to steal more of their candy.

As always, our life is insane. We spend all our days breaking up fights, telling the kids to turn off the TV or explaining to Elias why he can't have everything just because he "wants it."

I even went to get a 10 minute massage today. The therapist said that my neck muscles were extremely tense. I wonder why? It could be that McKay came up to me the other day holding out his hand, so I thought he had hurt it, so I grabbed it. No, he had stuck his hand down his dirty diaper and was trying to get the poo off. Everyday something just as exciting as this happens. Did I mention if anyone ever wants to babysit, feel free to call.

I know this sounds pretty negative, but really we love our lives most of the time. The kids keep us laughing hysterically. Where can you find such a funny sight as the picture of Elias in his inside out backward g-string Elmo underwear? ( I wanted to put the picture below, but somehow I can only get it at the top) We waited a long time for these kids, so hopefully we appreciate them more at least some of the time. But just in case, you ever want to get a hold of me and can't, check the mental institution first because that where I checked myself into.

They really are great kids that give us more love than we can imagine, but we will take anyone up on free babysitting if it's ever offered.