Monday, December 15, 2008

Random Thoughts with Really Cute Pictures

I just downloaded some pictures onto my computer and thought they were so cute that they needed to be on the blog.

Isn't this the cutest little girl. She just looks so peaceful. I also love it because she is asleep and quiet.

This is a picture of Elias in our giant pile of leaves. Isn't he the picture of happiness. I sometimes wish I was this carefree.

This is a picture of the kids playing on our bed. They love to play hide under the covers over and over. It least they are all happy and playing together.

They really are friends. People ask me all the time if this stage of life is easier than when they were little babies. I think that it is way more fun, but also more difficult. They now have opinions and have tantrums when they don't get what they want.

When I looked at these pictures I think that they know Santa is coming soon and are on their best behavior. They are so cute and innocent. It also could be that in the heat of a tantrum or fight I don't have time to find a camera. Sorry for the bragging, but I couldn't help it.


Dave and Natalie said...

She does look like a little doll. I think they have those moments of cuteness in amongst the naughtiness so that we can be reminded that we love them and we really wanted to have them...cuz lets be honest...sometimes it's easy to forget!! (well at least for me it is!!)

Stacey said...

Delaney they are so stinkin cute!!! I love Andrew at this stage he is a ton of fun!! He is yet to form to many opinions but boy can he throw a good tantrum!!!