Monday, December 8, 2008

Park City Adventure

Well, we finally did it. We took all 3 kids for an overnight stay at a condo in Park City. Normally, we would not do this because we can't leave the kids overnight, but the allure of a free condo and $50 convinced us. All we had to do was go on a short tour. Elias could go to the kids club and the twins could come with us and would be fine. Elias loved the club. The twins didn't love it so much but saved us from having to hear too much how a condo would be great for us and we could leave it to them when we die. I think the salesperson was actually scared of the condo being ruined if we actually stayed for a week, so he didn't push too hard. It also could have been that Maisey had a stinky diaper and he couldn't take it anymore.

Anyway, we made it out with our life savings still intact and our $50. We were now 2nd class citizens because we didn't buy, but we still had a great time. We stayed in a very small one bedroom condo with lots of doors that were slammed many, many times while we were there. We swam in the pool and jumped on the bed with no accidents. We may even be up to actually going on a vacation now.

After we checked out, we went geocaching which is one of our favorite activities. Check it out at
It is like a treasure hunt for everyone in the whole family.

We then headed for home with tired kids and a new sense of appreciation for our own home where we can be as loud as we want without neighbors 2 feet away.

Like everyone else, we are getting excited for Christmas, but still don't have a tree up. We are not sure what to do because it would only be minutes before the twins pulled on their heads. If anyone has suggestions, please let us know. We may have to only have the Fisher Price nativity set as our only decoration this year and our standard Santa on the chimney.

Merry Christmas!!


Alisha said...

Hey D-
Love the blog! We love to geocache! Happy Holidays!

Dave and Natalie said...

YAY!!! you have a blog now :) Thanks for commenting on made my nigt...and no there will be no video of the waddling it's a sad site for all to see!! and about the name Spencer...I actually really like it and it was on the short list for our last boy, but I just couldn't do it...I knew a few people who would never let me live it down!!

Your kids are so cute and I'm so glad you survived Park City...that's so funny about them not wanting you to stay a week and the stinky diaper :) made me laugh!!

Geoff and Emily said...

Put some ornaments and a star on your huge ostrich and call it good. I would maybe even spray paint it green... ok, maybe not. But "The Twelve Days of Christmas" has all kinds of wierd birds in it, and doesn't it even say something about "an ostrich is a rare tree?" Am I still talking? Sorry!